Strategy – QAR National Behaviour Support Service

Question-Answer Relationship (QAR)

In school you need to know HOW to find the information that is important in your textbook and how to ask different types of questions and find the answers to different question types.



Right There

The answer is in one place in the text. You can put your finger on it! Words from the question and words that answer the questions are often “right there” in the same sentence.

• Reread
• Scan
• Look for keywords.

Think and Search

The answer is in several places in the text. You put together (think and search) different parts of the text to find the answer.

  • Skim or reread
  • Look for important information
  • Piece together different parts

    from the text to answer the question.


Author and You

The answer is not in the text.

  • Think about how what you know and how what’s in the text fit together
  • Reread
  • Think about what you already know

    and what the text says

  • Predict.

On My Own

The answer is not in the text.

  • Think about what you already know
  • Think about what you’ve read


  • Make connections.
 Tonight after reading your just right book, come up with a…
1. Right There question about the book
2. Think and Search question about the book
     Write them in your diary