MPPS eConnect Information Session 2015



Dear 2016 Year 4 Parents,

The eConnect program is a 1:1 mobile device program for all students currently in years 4, 5 and 6. Next year this will be available for your child.

This program provides the opportunity for our students to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities, enhancing students’ engagement and involvement in their learning by having their own mobile device to take to class and home each day.

All students in years 4 next year and their parents are invited to an information session in the Library on Wednesday 18th November at 6pm. We will have our 5/6 team leader Lee Pregnell and some students showcase the program. We will also provide information regarding the next roll out of improved mobile devices that are available for parents to purchase to support their child’s learning in 2016. There have been two units which have been carefully selected by MPPS staff and leadership for parents to choose from; Acer Aspire Switch 10 Pro and Acer Aspire Switch 11 Pro. The choice between the devices will assist parents in regards to price and compatibility. The purchase of units will be a change from previous years as it will be directly through the DEECD accredited supplier (Learning with Technologies) via an online portal that will also manage warranty and insurance claims. Devices can be purchased outright or financed.

While not a compulsory program the devices support work at school and at home and prepare them very well when moving into secondary college where one to one device programs are implemented.

If you are unable to attend, please notify Lee Pregnell via email atmoonee.ponds.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au or telephone the school on 9375 2511. A detailed letter will be sent home to families that don’t attend. Of course if you have any further questions please speak to Lee Pregnell or Matt Bott.


MPPS eConnect Information Session 2015

When: Wednesday 18th November

Where: Library

When 6:00pm


Maths Information Evening

A huge thank you to all of the parents who attended the maths information evening last night. It was great to see so many of you attend, and it was fabulous to meet some of the parents who will be in year 3 / 4 next year. We will be posting the information on our blogs, so if you could not attend, you can still get an idea of the information that was presented last night.


Australian History Excursion

HI all, Just a final reminder about tomorrow’s excursion. We need to leave school no later than 8.15am, so we ask that you have your child at school before this time. As we are travelling on public transport, we only need students to bring a small backpack with their snack for recess, their lunch and a water bottle. All of the transport has been paid for, so there is no need for a MYKI card.

There are three groups leaving the school at this time and we aim to return by 3.20pm dismissal time. However, as we are travelling at peak times, we maybe delayed. We will contact the school in this happens to occur, but our aim is to be back by 3.20pm.

We will be walking most of the day, and as such students are permitted to wear their runners tomorrow. Wide brimmed school hats are also necessary.

If you have any questions regarding this excursion, please speak to your classroom teacher.

Looking forward to a informative day in the city with your children tomorrow.


Camp final reminder

Just a quick reminder that the year 3/4 camp will be taking place on Monday, August 31 until Wednesday the 2nd of September. All students must be at school by 8.30am for a 9.00am departure. If students have medication they must be at school no later than 8.15am. The medication and blue form (inside a clear zip lock bag), must be handed to the classroom teacher.  If you wish to give staff permission to have panadol or other pain relief whilst on camp, the blue form must be returned with the parent signature.There is no need to pack lunch, as it will be provided when we arrive at camp. All students will need a drink bottle to use whilst they are at camp. Hats will be needed as per the school’s sun smart policy.

We will be arriving back to school on the Wednesday at approximately 3.20pm.


Camp Update: Sleeping bag practise

HI all,

A letter will be sent out later this week with all of the last minute reminders pertinent to camp. I have been meaning to remind students and parents, and I’m sure you have already begun this process….but it’s a great idea to have your child practise putting their sleeping bag away, after they have used it.


If you could spend sometime, rolling up your sleeping bag and putting it in the cover bag, this will be a tremendous help for Wednesday September 2nd, as 82 happy campers try to put their sleeping bags away!


Any questions about camp, please let your classroom teacher know next week, or send us an email.



Science Week : International year of Light!


Have a look at what’s coming up this week for science week. Don’t forget, we have Family Science night this Wednesday night. Gold coin donation and please wear white clothes. The night begins at 6.00pm, please don’t be late. There are snacks available to begin the evening.

There are 12 stations of different activities for all of the students and their families to enjoy. Please come along and have a great evening.


Camp Update. Monday August 31st to Wednesday September 3rd.

Hello to all, only four weeks left until we leave for camp. Thank you to all of the parents who have made their final payments for camp by Friday July 31st. If you have not made your final payment and you have not notified the business manager, please do so immediately so this can be rectified.

Please find attached a suggested list of clothing to pack for camp. We are currently experiencing our coldest winter for twenty years, so remember to pack lots of layers of clothing so your children will remain warm.

Remember if you child is taking any medication to camp, this must be bought to school in a ziplock bag on the morning of camp, with a blue medical form. The blue forms are available from your classroom teacher and will be distributed next week.

For some students this is their first camping experience, and I am sure they are really excited about the upcoming camp. If you have any concerns about camp, please speak to your classroom teacher or email them any questions you have.

Thanks again to all of the parents who volunteered to attend camp, we have the following staff and parents attending:

Andrea Gale, Dave Kiddle, Ryan Ogden, Liz Moody, Jade ( student teacher), Claire Walker, Rex Marshman and Andrew Kilpatrick.

Krwc Info Sheet Ss Dl Clothing and Equipment List


Brave for semester two.

IN 3 / 4 C we have reflected on semester one and what we have achieved. Now as we begin semester two, we have taken some time this week, to stop, think and reflect on who were are as citizens of Moonee Ponds Primary School. We have been listening to some inspirational music and we have constructed some storyboards to assist us to set some personal goals for the remainder of the year. Please come and see our storyboards on display outside our classroom.



Time all the time

As some of you maybe aware, we are doing a unit based on time in the 3 / 4 area at the moment. We are continuing the idea of time for the remainder of the year. Each student is expected to prepare one powerpoint slide, depicting the features of a given date. I have included a slide as an example.


Four essential items to include :

a National day according to the date allocated.

b. Trivial fact of the day

c. Interesting quote of the day

d. Vocabulary word of the day. This can relate to any of the information presented above. Remember to include what part of speech the word belongs to. For example; noun, verb, adjective etc.

Sample powerpoint slide:

Time All the Time


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