Science in year 3 / 4

Hello to everyone! We have had a an exciting week of science in year 3 / 4. I have had the privilege of having the students in our science lab this week and they were so motivated and thrilled to be participating in their own science experiments. We have a focus this term on the topic of “Heat”. We have conducted one teacher demonstration and one experiment. The students have been introduced to the POE graphic organiser. Ask them about this and how it helps them with their science investigations?

They all have Science Journals ( Integrated Studies books), and have a little bit of work to complete, decorating their front covers. Thanks to all of the parents for their ongoing support of our work in the 3 / 4 area.

They have some homework to complete for Science. Please refer to the page “Science Homework”.


Assembly Congratulations

Well done to all of my fabulous students who have worked so well in organised and developing their assembly. I am so proud of all of you. You really shone today and everyone performed at their peak!! Well done! The costumes you prepared looked great, the props were amazing, and the singing was incredible. I think everyone was surprised not to see more “dancing”. As you know 3 / 4 C we are known as the dancing class!


NAPLAN preparation

As you would all know The National Assessment Program In Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) is around the corner. Our program thus far has covered many of the reading, writing, and numeracy areas on which students will be assessed.

We have been working on:

-narrative writing, plot, setting and character,

-persuasive writing structure and techniques,

-writer’s craft techniques to enhance writing,

-punctuation and grammar,

-spelling strategies,

-the reading strategies that aid comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary,

-clarifying the meanings of words, questioning and summarizing,

-identifying author’s purpose,

-identifying question and answer relationships,

-building stamina for reading and writing,

-selecting key words in a text and taking notes,

-maths concepts around number and place value,

-numeracy problem solving and mental computation,

-reviewing prior NAPLAN tests to analyze questions and revising maths concepts previously taught, -working within a time frame,

-development of test wise behaviors,

-developing an understanding of the reasons we undertake NAPLAN,

-reassuring students that this is an assessment of what they can do on the day,

and that teachers do many other kinds of assessments to see what they have learned.


Our hope is that this work helps students to come into the test week feeling prepared and calm about tackling the tests.




Question and Answer relationships

Strategy – QAR National Behaviour Support Service

Question-Answer Relationship (QAR)

In school you need to know HOW to find the information that is important in your textbook and how to ask different types of questions and find the answers to different question types.



Right There

The answer is in one place in the text. You can put your finger on it! Words from the question and words that answer the questions are often “right there” in the same sentence.

• Reread
• Scan
• Look for keywords.

Think and Search

The answer is in several places in the text. You put together (think and search) different parts of the text to find the answer.

  • Skim or reread
  • Look for important information
  • Piece together different parts

    from the text to answer the question.


Author and You

The answer is not in the text.

  • Think about how what you know and how what’s in the text fit together
  • Reread
  • Think about what you already know

    and what the text says

  • Predict.

On My Own

The answer is not in the text.

  • Think about what you already know
  • Think about what you’ve read


  • Make connections.
 Tonight after reading your just right book, come up with a…
1. Right There question about the book
2. Think and Search question about the book
     Write them in your diary

Vocabulary homework.

During the last week of term one, Andrea gave a detailed explanation of how to complete the vocabulary homework sheets. We expect these homework sheets to be completed once a week and they are due next Thursday. There are two sheets, and your child has a specific sheet if they are in year 3 or year 4.


Please find images of these sheets below. Instead of copying sheets each week, in an effort to save the planet, we ask that you just copy your answers into your homework books. Please see the sample below. Remember any questions regarding these tasks, please chat to your classroom teacher.

Vocabulary Chart

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Homework Vocabulary Sample


Welcome to Term2, 2015.

Hello to the 3 / 4 community at Moonee Ponds Central School. I hope everyone has had a peaceful and restful holiday over the Easter break.

Term 2 will be very busy and there have been some timetable changes that do effect classes at the 3 / 4 level.

Monday : Session 1 :  Andrea’s class: Visual Arts   Dave’s Class: Italian   Liz’s class: PE

 Session 2 :  Andrea’s class:      Italian     Dave’s Class: PE   Liz’s class: Visual Arts

Wednesday Session 1 : Andrea’s class: PE

Friday Session 1: Dave’s class: Visual Arts  Liz’s class : Italian



Any questions regarding these changes, please let us know.



Liz, Andrea and Dave




Year 3 / 4 Camp

Hello to all of the year 3 / 4 community. Hopefully, you have all received a letter today regarding camp for this year.

Camp will be at Kinglake West, we are leaving school on Monday August 31st and returning on Wednesday September 2nd.

If you are interested in your child attending camp, please return the tear off slip at the base of the note. This needs to be returned by this Friday if you wish your child to attend.

Please let me know if you have any questions about camp and if you need any information clarified. You can call me at school or alternatively email me on moody.elizabeth.a@edumail.vic.gov.au

Well done to all of the students on a very productive term. Wishing you and your families a very safe and happy Easter vacation.

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