Cross Country

Hello to all the parents of the 3 / 4 students. Just a reminder that our annual cross country is this Wednesday. Runners will begin moving into their positions at 9.30am. The event should be over by 11.00am. If you have a free morning, could you please assist Ryan and staff with this event? The more volunteers the better. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Students may wear their house colours on the day to participate. Any questions about the upcoming event? Please drop me an email:moody.elizabeth.a@edumail.vic.gov.au





Homework Term 1 Dictionary Skills

1. Look at the image below. Can you please list 10 nouns that you can find in that image.



Please complete the exercise below, using your Literacy INB (Interactive Notebook), as a reference.

2. Arrange the following words in alphabetical order:

laws, rules, government, democracy, fair, collaborative, resilience, cooperation, optimism, consequences

3. Locate the 10 words above in a dictionary. Write down the First Guide Word and the Second Guide Word, for each of the words listed. 

Screenshot 2015-03-12 18.20.31


Remember if you have any questions about your homework, please ask Liz before the weekend, then you will have a chance to clarify any issues you have. Don’t leave your homework until the last minute. Check the homework guidelines in the front of your homework book, and don’t forget the secret challenge if you are in year 3. Good Luck!!


Homework Term 1 : Visualizing

Hello to all the 3 / 4 students. As we have been working through the CAFE menu in Andrea and Dave’s room, we have discussed many aspects of our reading. Today Andrea spoke about Visualizing. She read us a passage from The Magic Rainforest by John Marsden and your task was to sketch what was in your mind’s eye.

Your homework for literacy this week, is to read 4 pages and during that reading visualize what is in the text. You are to make a sketch, just like you did in class today.
Remember to include the following facts:
1. Name of the book ( Title).
2. Author.
3. Pages read.
4. Frame around your sketch
5. Definition of visualizing ( what does it actually mean?)

This work is due next Thursday morning.

You also have a HOTmaths sheet to complete for Tuesday March 10th. Please let me know if you are unsure of what to do.

Good Luck!


Homework Term 1: Noun Review

Hello to all. Please find the homework based on our grammar work on nouns. Remember there are four types of nouns. Read the passage below and draw up a table in your homework book, label each column with the four types of nouns we have discussed.


Homework Table Noun Review

Hello to all of the 3 / 4 students. What a busy five weeks we have had since the school year commenced. Mr Matthew Bott, our school principal has been excited by all of the learning that has been going on in our team. He has told me that he thought I had captured a herd of elephants in my classroom. Sometimes our class is a little noisy on the stairs.
“What a great week we are having!” commented Jess.
“It’s going so quickly,” said Jane.
We need to see what we have achieved. As we watched the army of ants, march into the classroom, we realized that we were halfway through the term. Liz often referred to her class as a thirsty caravan of camels. Some of the students were disappointed that they were not allowed to sit at the front of the school to eat their lunch.
Andrea and Dave are really excited that everyone is adopting the CAFÉ strategy, to help them with their reading. Easter is fast approaching, and we all know what that means? Enjoy your week.


Parent Teacher Exchange

Next Tuesday afternoon is the Parent Teacher exchange and I look forward to meeting you all and hearing about your child. My first interview is at 2.00pm and my last is at 6.50pm. Each time slot is only 10m minutes long. If you feel you need a longer time to discuss something in particular, please feel free to make a longer time, either before school next week, or alternatively after school on Monday or Thursday.

Please refer to the school website for more details regarding booking your parent teacher exchange time.




Hello world!

Hello all. This class community blog will be one of our main ways in which we will communicate with each other during the year. This blog will evolve as the year progresses and will contain useful links to sites that parents and students can access. The blog will also feature some photographs of our progress throughout the year. We aim to have all of the year 3 students on their own blog sites before the end of semester one. The year four students already have their own blogs and will use them to publish their work and comment on other student blogs throughout the year.

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